Gratefulness Tuesday

I’m laying on the couch waiting for our little home cooked pizza to be ready and found myself dipping into the Oprah magazine online. I haven’t read her magazine for a while but I am always interested to hear what people are grateful for. It got me thinking that the physical activity of celebrating the small and not so small acts of kindness, gratefulness and happiness on a micro daily level may well help me capture my practice and the perceptions people have of me.

So today I wanted to celebrate the following:
* My wife’s sense of humor (cracks me up always)
* I got called Aunty for the first time today by an young Aboriginal woman I am working with – kind of shocked me and I thought about that, why it shocked me. I decided that even though I know it’s as much about the role I play in her life as it is about how I feel I decided that I’m not there yet! I respectfully invited her to call me Michelle 🙂
* Seeing a mob of Kangaroos on my lunch time walk
* Receiving lovely compliment from a friend who likes the way I work and think and spoke about how it makes her feel able to share her own personal cultural practices and thinking with me – so precious

I acknowledge that I often receive amazing compliments and am often keen to share the compliment with the person giving it. It is such a gift for me to make people feel good when they are working with me or are in collaboration/dialogue with me because it makes me feel good to look after the space between myself and the people I work with.

For me that in between space is sacred – it’s where innovation springs from, where connections spark, where practices are enacted and performed. For me this sacred work is my cultural practice – and I pay attention to the way I work with others and space I foster when working with others.

So as the night goes on and I am beginning to become sleepy I am grateful for the life I share with my wife and puppies, for the warm fire in my living room and for a warm bed to snooze in.


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