Attending the NYU Relational and Collective Leadership conference in April

Open to about 50 participants, this mini-conference is sponsored by the Research Center for Leadership in Action, led by Professors Erica Foldy and Sonia Ospina at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Policy. Participants will explore the relational and collective dimensions of leadership.

According to organizers: “There are several distinct groups of leadership scholars – from within various research perspectives, disciplinary traditions, and understandings of leadership – who are seriously exploring the implications of the idea that leadership has both individual and collective dimensions. These researchers however seldom have the opportunity to speak to one another and share both insights as well as challenge one another in constructive ways to advance a field’s understanding of leadership. The goal of this conference at NYU is to bring together representatives of these diverse groups to share challenges and opportunities in further developing a research agenda at the field level, one that is cumulative and produces findings that advance our knowledge, capitalizing on the diversity of perspectives being used.”

I am excited to be a part of a research agenda that advances collective and relational leadership theories and to be in the room with some of the leading scholars in my field!

Too deadly.

2 thoughts on “Attending the NYU Relational and Collective Leadership conference in April

  1. I think this will be one of those events that will be remembered as a the building block to greater things / outcomes / achievements / change. It will be stated… “It started back in NYC when we gathered…”

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