Elders and Youth Dialogue hosted by the First Alaskan Institute

Elders and Youth Dialogue hosted by the First Alaskan Institute

I was so blessed to attend a few sessions of the Elders and Youth Dialogue, a pre-conference to North America’s largest gathering of native peoples, the Alaskan Federation of Natives conference. Individual and groups of young people stood up on stage in front of at least one thousand people and spoke about the experiences of abuse, violence and grief. In the telling of these incredibly personal stories as an audience member on the floor of the conference I found myself feeling party to witnessing a strong message of youth leadership – THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, COMMUNITIES AND ELDERS MUST STAND UP AND PROTECT US. Thank you to these young people for their incredible honesty and bravery in sharing their experiences with us all.


2 thoughts on “Elders and Youth Dialogue hosted by the First Alaskan Institute

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I found this really interesting, particularly given we just had a focus on youth participation at our Good Childhood Conference. I’m not sure if you’ve looked at our conference blog ( http://goodchildhood.wordpress.com/ ) but we’re going to make it into a blog for the institute’s work as a whole. I am wondering if you would mind writing a post for us a guest blogger, talking about examples of the power of youth engagement you have seen in Alaska. What do you think?
    Marg x

    • Thanks Marg – I think a moderated blog would be great for the Good Childhood Conference (wish I could have attended). I would be delighted to write a guest blog on the examples of youth engagement I have seen in Alaska! Thanks for the offer – I will follow you up offline Mx

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