Finding a feeling of home in Fairbanks Alaska

We arrived in Fairbanks Alaska on the 21st August flustered from steamy Florida. The plane landed later in the evening, yet the sun was still bright, not setting till well after 10pm in those late days of summer. We were greeted with what we now know to be great Alaskan hospitality – picked up by Nicole and Amanda Cundiff-Meyer and taken to our digs for the next seven weeks. We have our own little ground floor apartment at the bottom of the amazing four storey house owned by the delightful Carol and Les Smallwood. They, their adult children, dogs and cats, have become our host family. Its such a warm feeling we have here tucked up safe and sound with access to the forest and a car to drive around the greater borough of Fairbanks (thanks Melissa Meiner-Johnson). Each afternoon now, the dogs come down and let me know that they are up for a walk, and the cat taps on the window to be let in for a visit. This feeling of comfort has been so greatly appreciated by Amanda and I as we are so far from home, missing our own families and pets and friends so very much.

This is the view from our apartment over the backyard and into the woods. This is just the first of a series of blog posts about our time in Fairbanks.



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