Fairbanks Alaska we have arrived

Amanda and I arrived in Fairbanks Alaska on Tuesday evening 20 August – it had been raining quite a bit so the plane almost aqua planed across the very wet runway. I got some sleep in my emu head (and yes heaps of people had a chuckle at the strange Australian especially this little kid who keep walking down the row to see if I was still wearing it!)

20130823-084908.jpg On arrival our host Nicole Cundiff, the Director of the Northern Leadership Centre and her wife Amanda Meyer picked us up demonstrating this amazing Alaskan hospitality that we are becoming really accustomed to.

Nicole and Amanda dropped us off at our new digs with local family Carol and Les Smallwood

20130823-085241.jpg Not only does this delightful place look like the pictures on the Internet it just feels really homelike – Carol and Les and their family have opened there home to us and we have been all getting on so well.

Yesterday I also met with my host Da-ka Xeen Menher, Director of the Native Arts program at UAF and a really exciting contemporary sculptor – check out his website http://da-ka-xeen.com/ Today I am interviewing Da-ka as the first indigenous artist in my Fulbright study. I am going to spend the morning with him the department and get to know all the staff and some students engaged in the Masters of Native Arts – very exciting



So as we are settling into the Fairbanks lifestyle that includes daylight till 10pm, driving on the wrong side of the road and about the same temperature as Melbourne in winter I am feeling incredibly excited and inspired – time to get writing and creating!!

2 thoughts on “Fairbanks Alaska we have arrived

  1. Welcome to Alaska. If you think landing on a wet runway is fun you shoud try it in February at 50 below with the runway solid ice and the plane has to come in for a landing sideways.

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