Day One – Lift Off!!

TuesdayImage I began my journey to America – a three leg flight itinerary will have me landing in Orlando, Florida sometime tomorrow. The whole ‘going back in time’ and international time travel still does my head in and I’m not to ashamed as a phd to claim that I don’t get it – my body doesn’t get it, my mind doesn’t get it and my spirit needs to be settled in place connected to country rather than in the sky somewhere flying determinedly for a destination. 
My friend Patrick described to me that the spaces in between locations, be they airplanes or airports, buses, or trains as they hurtle along at speeds we could not out run ourselves are liminal spaces. As a theatre maker we use this term liminal space to describe the theatrical space when audiences leave their individual realities and find themselves alive in a new reality of the story or the theatrical moment. It’s used in spiritual realms as well to describe the journey portion of the act of becoming or leaving who we once were or our old world views that no longer serve us but before the arrival moment of claiming a new space for our self. 
Even writing this blog and thinking about this change process that is underway as I cross the Pacific Ocean high in the atmosphere I am apprehensive about what I may become in America – how will I be labelled or perceived? Will there be liberation in being outside of the Australian cultural norms; will I feel strange in the land of the brave and free? Will they understand my accent (I hear this a real concern to have)!! 
What ever happens I know that I have the resources in myself to draw upon, I have the love of my family and friends (and puppies) and I have an open and curious mind. So from international transfer to international plane station to the Disney magical express to the hotel I will practice the zen of international air travel and surrender to the process of it all.

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