Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

Caught up with friends for brunch this morning. Such a nice thing to do, especially seeing it’s a rare treat for me these days. The four of us stood outside the new hip place to go in the west ‘Duchess of Spotswood’ and waited for nearly half an hour – things got a little tense on the third or fourth assurance that we just needed to wait another 5 minutes before it was decided we needed to return to our favorite place Pint of Milk – great service, great menu, kind staff and an outdoor table on this fine day.

I scanned the horoscopes when at brunch – as you do – and it said something like this ‘no need for a [human] sacrifice this week, just compromise’. As I pondered what this could possibly mean to me, I was asked by the brunchers what it said…I looked at my partner and it made sense ‘Honey remind me, this week I need to compromise more often’. I am a little hard headed about certain things, especially being home more often than not.

I am back at home now trying to get into the swing of reading draft 1 of Chapter Five so i can begin the editing/redrafting process. It’s harder when the sun it out and the breeze is lovely and of course, it’s a Sunday. This PhD has compromised my holidays, weekends, evenings and even my dreamscapes. Another few months and I will be submitted – this blog is one of the ways I have decided might help me make that submission date – by documenting the ups and downs of the process.

I can hear the washing machine whirring in the background and my partner washing up the dishes from last nights return to soup making. The puppies are snoozing in their muse beds beside me, and the old cat is not bothering me to feed her, yet. Ah, domesticity.



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