Second drafting of the dissertation

Currently writing and editing draft 2 of my PhD dissertation – it’s such a difficult, unrelenting mistress. Each day I awake either tired from crazy dreams about writing the dissertation, or tired from getting up to the dogs or the senior cat numerous times during the night.

I have this routine of walking the dogs early and watching something on TV (at the moment it’s season 4 Mad Men) to relax me into a false sense of security. There is the ubiquitous facebook checks, email checks, linkedin checks that litter and interrupt my ‘flow’ – and I have tried to stop…but find it helpful in the isolating space of dissertation drafting land. Lunch and more TV is followed by my best stint of writing – the afternoon.

I find it so interesting that the afternoons suit me best – I used to think and say I was a morning person. When I really think about it I spend the mornings getting to a point of feeling everything is under control – the to do list, the phone calls, the emails etc and the afternoon has been set free.

I have two muse at the moment – Lewis and Pearl. They sit with me throughout the day, interrupting me and reminding me to get out of the chair every now and again. Such great company. Except when they give me those guilt provoking puppy looks – walk us, feed us, play with us, stop being a boring mum sitting at a desk, typing away. I have been thinking perhaps it’s their intellectual fire power that has been spurning me forward. They look after me and I talk to them occasionally, as I will bore anyone silly about the dissertation at any time of the day.

I am off to bed to catch up on Libby’s latest adventures in PARIS DREAMING by Anita Heiss. I hope that tonight I can sleep well before starting on Chapter 5 of 10… such an arduous journey M

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